How Does The Create A Class System Work In Black Ops Cold War?

Treyarch revealed the multiplayer of Black Ops Cold War today.

We got an ample amount of news including five new maps, new game modes and more!

One aspect that was revealed was the create-a-class system!

Here it is.


Revealed during the second portion of the multiplayer reveal, Treyarch showcased some details regarding how we will be making our classes in Black Ops Cold War.

They noted that this year will be a slot system opposed to previous years.

So, for Black Ops Cold War you are going to always to spawn onto the map with: 

  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Weapon
  • Perks
  • Lethal
  • Tactical 
  • Field Upgrade
  • WildCard

Field Upgrades

These are items placed in the world during a multiplayer match.

These can either give you or your team an advantage and these can be earned through the duration of a match, not score. 

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  • Proximity Mine – Throwable mine, explodes shortly after one enemy runs or drives over it. Can be avoided by crouching. Destroys any vehicle that runs over it (Recharge Time: 2:00)
  • Sam Turret – Launches missiles at enemy air scorestreaks and player-piloted helicopters (Recharge Time: 3:45)
  • Jammer – Creates an electronic disruption field, disabling enemy Field Upgrades and degrading enemy mini-map information (Recharge Time: 2:30) 
  • Field Mic – Deploys a recording device that highlights enmity sounds on your mini-map (Recharge Time: 3:15)


Along with the reverted slot based class system, they are also reintroducing Wild Cards.

You will be able to pick one of four WildCards for each class and they include: 

  • Gunfighter - 'Unlocks 3 additional attachment slots for your primary weapon'
  • Perk Greed - 'Equip 3 extra perks'
  • Danger Close - 'Equip extra lethal and tactical equipment, and start with max ammo'
  • Law Breaker - 'Equip any weapon in either slow and equip any perks'
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