Black Ops Cold War Campaign Has Been Reworked A Lot!

Black Ops Cold War is only a few weeks away and players cannot wait to jump back into the action after a successful beta week.

Not only is the multiplayer of the game looking to be the best it has in years, but players are also excited for the other game modes.

One, in particular, is the Campaign, as in the past Treyarch has delivered some of the best story modes in the Call of Duty franchise. 

But, new information has surfaced that this year's campaign may not be as polished as ones in the past.

Here are some more details!


Canceled Scripts

TheGamingRevolution on Twitter posted a thread of tweets commenting on the work done within the Cold War Campaign.

Noting the following: 

Black Ops Cold War’s campaign has gone under multiple different rewrites. So many missions have been reworked/changed/cancelled. The original script wasn’t at all related to Black Ops and they threw that all in after Treyarch took over.

So, it appears the final product of Cold War's story is going to be one that has been through a lot.

Not all the time do we see developers scrapping entire scripts of their games.

TGR also noted this: 

I still think it’ll be pretty solid and I’m really looking forward to the campaign.

We do not know the finite details of the story that will be releasing alongside Cold War in a few weeks.

But, from the trailers we have seen; it is looking to be one of the best yet.

However, it will be hard to top the Campaign that was within Modern Warfare last year.

This was viewed as one of the premier story modes within a Call of Duty series, so fans have high expectations for sure. 


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