Battlefield 6: Dice Beginning To Tease Their Newest Game? Rumors, Leaks and More!

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Since the summer update for Battlefield V, information surrounding Battlefield 6 has been sparse.

We still are awaiting an official announcement from EA and Dice regarding their next blockbuster,


Now, a mysterious Twitter account has surfaced that may indicate we are getting news soon.


Twitter Account

Noted by GamesRadar late last night; there is a brand new Twitter account that has appeared that has been posted cryptic tweets. 

The user whos handle is TEEET88318895 posted a short video the other night.

The tweet itself just has some radio chatter, but it is clear it is from the Battlefield genre. 

Check it out for yourself by going here.



Battlefield Account Gone?

Twitter user DANNYonPC spotted something massive the other day.

They noted that the official Battlefield account had mysteriously disappeared from the platform.

As of now, the account is back online; but were they preparing to announce something? 




YouTuber JackFrags posted another video this week, highlighting some aspects of Battlefield V.

Niklas Astrand who is the senior designer for the Battlefield series replied to JackFrags tweet with the following note: 

"Tick tick tick..."

At the end of JackFrags video, there is a stopwatch ticking, so this is probably a reference to that. 

 However, it does make one stop and wonder if the news is coming soon!



More JackFrags 

Along with the reply from one of the senior designers from Battlefield.

There was a massive clue within one of his latest videos.

One part during the video has the watch on the player's wrist and has both hands on the number six.

Almost indicating Battlefield 6 news.