How to Play Escape From Tarkov With Friends Offline?

Playing with your friends in Escape From Tarkov (EFT) may not just be enjoyable, but can also provide some significant advantage towards your way to victory.

But have you ever wondered if you can play offline with your friends in EFT? Well, if you do then you might be a bit disappointed if you’ll know the answer to this one.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know on how to play Escape From Tarkov with friends offline.

How to Play Escape From Tarkov With Friends Offline

Although the idea of playing EFT with your friends offline seems an interesting idea, it is unfortunately impossible.

The developers at Battlestate Games announced that this feature may come to the game in the future but there is still no specific date for this.

In the meantime, you may enjoy playing EFT with your friends through online matches.

How to Play Escape From Tarkov With Friends Online

You just need to add your friends in EFT by searching for their usernames on the Messenger option of the game.

Once they have accepted it, you may then send them an “Invite to Group” invitation. But first, you should set your PMC, time phase, and entrance point. All your friends that you have invited for a game must also set the same details mentioned.

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