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Escape From Tarkov Download Size: How Big Is The Game In 2021

Video games are consuming more and more space on your harddrive than ever. So, getting to know a game’s download size before you buy it is an absolute must, as well as knowing how much space you still have in your device.

Well, for Escape From Tarkov (EFT), it could be smaller compared to other tactical FPS games available today. The 2017 shooter title by Battlestate Games has a significantly small download size, but having an allowance in terms of your device’s memory may unleash the game’s full visual potential.

Keep on reading this article to know how big Escape From Tarkov is and its download size in GBs.

How Big is Escape From Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov has a current download size of 12 GB. It is relatively smaller compared to other FPS titles such as Call of Duty Warzone with 52 GB and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with 61 GB.

Although it is advisable to have at least 15 GB for you to maximize EFT’s potential in terms of visuals and graphics. It will allow you to have a smoother experience while playing the game.

Escape From Tarkov Minimum System Requirements

To know if your PC or device is capable of installing and launching EFT, here are the minimum system requirements of the game:

  • CPU: Dual-core processor 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, i3), 2.6 GHz (AMD Athlon, Phenom II)
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
  • VIDEO CARD: DX11 compatible graphics card with 1 GB memory

If your device has at least those system requirements above, then don’t hesitate to install and play EFT now!

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