Escape From Tarkov: New city map revealed, as well as Patch 12.7

Escape from Tarkov, the shooter/RPG from Battlestate Games, is blowing up into the mainstream right now but the development team aren't resting on their laurels.

At the PC Gaming Show, the game's lead developer Nikita Buyanov explained everything coming in the next update - including a new map.

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Escape From Tarkov: New Map Confirmed

As part of the huge showcase, the team revealed an urban cityscape where the battle for survival will take place next.

"It will be the biggest and most detailed location ever," Nikita said on the stream, "there will be a lot of explorable buildings and underground [areas]. It's an attempt to recreate the realistic modern city."

If you missed the stream, you can check out footage of the new map here.

Version 12.7 Update: What comes next?

According to Nikita, the 12.7 patch is "more like a technical patch. It will include the big addition called the expansion of Customs location" which the Buyanov claims will increase the overall area by "30 or even 40 per cent".

Looking ahead, Battlestate will "totally overhaul the skill system" and add a new boss, so 2020 is only likely to get better for Tarkov fans.

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