Escape From Tarkov Developer Explains Big Looting Changes

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Escape from Tarkov, the shooter/RPG from Battlestate Games, is becoming increasingly popular among players and streamers alike, but many have bemoaned a lack of loot since patch 12.6 wiped player's progress clean.

This has led to people wondering if the issue is a glitch or the result of hacking, but lead developer Nikita Buyanov has confirmed that the change is intentional.


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Escape From Tarkov: Loot Changes Explained

Responding to a Reddit post about the lack of loot, Buyanov said that "loot spawn chances were randomized more".

 Expanding further, he claimed the previous spectrum for loot possibility was a "25-30% chance, now it's 10-60%".


With that in mind, some areas may actually offer more loot than before, but you'll still find the odd area that's devoid of helpful items.