Twitch's top 100 highest-paid streamers has leaked

Every Twitch user needs to update their password. Sadly, Twitch has had a huge leak, exposing the data of many. The top 100 streamers are listed specifically, with more data available.

Furthermore, it is in everyone's best interest to change their password and enable two-step authentication. It appears that Twitch's competitor is also leaked, though the validity of this leak is debatable. Until confirmation is given, you should treat everything that is leaked with caution.

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Twitch leak

Two tweets are circulating, one related to the leak itself and another where someone has combined the earnings over months.

Sponsorships and deals made outside of subscriber earnings are not included. Many streamers make money from gambling sites, and that won't appear here. This will undoubtedly cause a lot of backlash.

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EDIT: Twitch has confirmed that the breach is real.

This is probably the biggest thing that has happened to Twitch this year, and it's not good. Streamers will want to leave Twitch even more in light of this, but we'll have to wait and see how they react.

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