Tom Holland Could Be Getting A Massive Pay Rise For Future Spider-Man Movies

Following the major success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland is reportedly in line for a major pay rise.

According to Variety, sources close to the leading man's agents indicate that the actor will now earn eight figures up-front.

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Tom Holland Could Be Getting A Massive Pay Rise For Future Spider-Man Movies

With Spider-Man: No Way Home reaching $1 billion in box office worldwide and only several days after its launch, Holland is a shoo-in for an eight-figure cue. The star could earn anywhere between $2 million for independent movies to $20 million for big, tentpole ones:

Now, he could be making $2 million to $5 million for independent movies and anywhere from $5 million to $10 million for a leading role in traditional studio’s commercial film. At streamers, which have more money to burn, Holland’s paycheck could swing to $20 million or more.
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Tom Holland in No Way Home

The 25-year-old star initially signed a multi-picture deal prior to the Webhead's introduction in Captain America: Civil War. Holland was earning up to $1 million per picture, which expanded later with box office bonuses, following the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

With a new Friendly Neighbourhood trilogy on the way, Holland could be amassing more than ten times the amount he earned the first time around. The British actor has also hinted at what lies ahead for his personal future, with the actor unsure of donning the red-and-blue spandex at 30 years old - many of which suspect this is a negotiation tactic.

It's clear that there is a major demand for Tom Holland to carry on as the Webhead; a character he has very much cemented as his own in the MCU era. So I think a pay rise is justified, similar to Robert Downey Jr's influence early on.

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Tom Holland in Uncharted

But, with many leading men's aging, like Tom Cruise (59 years old) and Denzel Washington (66), Holland could very much become the next modern-day box office draw. But, the performance of Uncharted will showcase whether he's deserving of this stature.

Do you think Tom Holland's wage increase is deserved? And do you think the British actor can be the next big Hollywood star? Let us know in the comments.

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