The xQc Olympic DMCA Ban Could Find Itself In A Similar Situation As DrDisrespect

On Twitch, xQc is no stranger to controversy. He has been banned before, and it seems like he might be pushing things to the limit if it continues. People may not know, but Twitch recently banned famous streamer xQc for viewing clips of the Olympics during live broadcasts.

XQc stated that he had received a DMCA notice but assumed that he had taken all necessary precautions. In essence, DMCA notices protect copyrighted media and work to take down infringing videos, writings, and materials. Though xQc's fans were outraged, it could have been worse.

xQc is going down the same route as DrDisrespect

There is no doubt that Two Time once ranked as one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. He was all in favor of the service and drove quite a few viewers to it, just like xQc. DrDisrespect and Twitch, however, ended up as mortal enemies after that permanent ban.

xQc has gotten into quite a few Twitch controversies over the years, which has earned him four bans from the platform, but he makes a point to return every time. There was also a lot of buzz in the community about xQc's participation in the gambling streams. It has also been controversial to watch xQc's GTA RP streams. He typically plays games pretty ruthlessly, so it's understandable why Twitch is losing patience with xQc.

xQc is undoubtedly one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, which is probably why he has yet to receive a permanent ban. The Twitch streamer is the most-watched in 2021 and clearly has a very loyal fanbase. Still, if xQc keeps pushing things, it could end up bad for him.

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