Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Breaks Silence on Their Appearance

Spider-Man: No Way Home celebrates nearly 20 years of the Friendly Neighbourhood hero on the silver screen. To commemorate this occasion, Spidey fans were greeted with several surprises, including appearances by alumni characters from the franchise's history.


The MCU film features the return of Andrew Garfield, who reprises his role as the New York superhero from The Amazing Spider-Man movies. After months of denying his involvement prior to No Way Home’s release, the actor spoke to Variety about donning the red-and-blue spandex once again.

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Spider-Man No Way Home Star Breaks Silence On His Appearance

Andrew Garfield never thought he'd return to the character again, so the call to return to the role was somewhat surprising:

I wasn’t expecting to ever have a conversation again about potentially playing Peter Parker. I felt very excited to just to be a fan again. But I got this call from Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige and Jon Watts with this idea.

He expressed his fondness for No Way Home's premise and the notion of sharing the screen with Tom Holland and the original, beloved Tobey Maguire.

It was immediately undeniable. It sounded incredibly fun, incredibly spiritual — trippy and thematically interesting. On a base level, as a Spider-Man fan, just the idea of seeing three Spider-Men in the same frame was enough.

While the return of these stars delighted fans, these characters were also intertwined for the purpose of serving Tom Holland's Spider-Man arc. At the same time, the Tick, Tick Boom! actor felt it was redemption for his own version of the Webhead.

My Spider-Man got to save his younger brother’s romantic relationship, potentially. And to heal the most traumatic moment of his own life through doing it for his younger brother. Making sure that he didn’t have the same fate, there’s something cosmically beautiful about that. It meant getting a second chance at saving Gwen.

Garfield's rejuvenation has captivated Spidey fans around the world, with many demanding The Amazing Spider-Man 3. And while No Way Home is already stacked, there were plans to bring back more characters including Gwen herself, Emma Stone.

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