KSI roasts Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul as "most pointless fight in the history of mankind"

KSI was browsing through memes on Reddit when he came across a post that mocked Mayweather vs. Logan Paul. It showed their records, which was Mayweather's legendary 50-0 against Logan Paul's embarrassing 0-1 against KSI himself. While reading the post itself, even KSI couldn't help but laugh.

According to KSI, this was the most pointless fight in all of humankind. He is confident that Mayweather will win the fight and has implied that only a fool would pay to watch it. There is no doubt in KSI's mind regarding Mayweather's ability to defeat Logan Paul quickly and easily.

KSI isn't wrong, and he has a point about Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

It's not hard to see what KSI means, and there is no reason Logan Paul should fight Mayweather. This isn't the Rocky movie, and Rocky had a great deal more experience in boxing than Logan Paul. Why anyone would think Logan Paul could beat Mayweather is beyond me.

The odds are also against Logan Paul in the gambling world, with Floyd Mayweather being given a 99.9% implied probability for a win. The picture below shows Mayweather as a -100,000 favorite. There seems little chance Logan Paul will win, according to everyone in the know.0

(He starts clowning on Logan at 2:05)

KSI continued to make fun of the situation:

I can't believe it's happening… I'm not gonna be a clown and pay to watch this [laugh] I'll just wait online the next day for the results. Which will be Mayweather winning because again, this is the most pointless fight… Like I don't even know how they're gonna promote this 'Oh, Logan Paul has a chance! Yes, he lost to KSI, this random rapping YouTuber [laugh] but trust me, all it takes is one punch!'"

The Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight is scheduled for June 6th. In any event, it'll be an entertaining fight regardless of the outcome since Mayweather is a businessman and won't knock his opponent out soon.

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