Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight date is set

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Logan Paul does not want to be outdone by his brother, Jake Paul, and has confirmed a date for his fight against Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's fight was originally scheduled for February of 2020; however, COVID forced that to be postponed again and again. Now, a tentative date has been set for June 6th, 2021.

Mayweather was the first to say that the reason he had delayed this fight so much was that COVID regulations guaranteed that there would not be a big audience. As a shrewd businessman, Mayweather knew he couldn't create an audience until Nevada's Governor abolished Nevada's COVID regulations. An exhibition fight aims to make as much money as possible, and Mayweather stated that until Las Vegas could hold the audience he wanted, Mayweather would delay the fight.

The Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight will take place in Miami, Florida, not Las Vegas.

Nevada will lift all COVID restrictions on June 1, 2021, but fights will no longer occur there. Florida already lifted its COVID guidelines and could prepare for the fight much sooner. The fight will now take place in Miami's Hard Rock Stadium, which holds the same number of people as Las Vegas' Rader Stadium.

Logan Paul has had a lot of time to train, and it is hoped that he will be more prepared this year than a year ago. It is a perfect time to do it, too, since Jake Paul's bouts with influencers and celebrities have generated a lot of interest in boxing exhibition fights. It would seem that as one finishes a fight, the other is prepared to go, keeping their clout high.

Mayweather has not fought since his 2017 fight with UFC's Conor McGregor. In the 10th round, Mayweather displayed his boxing skills against a tired McGregor and TKO'd him. As of the moment, Mayweather is undefeated and intends to keep his record that way.

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