Henry Cavill Discusses Costume Change for Superman

Stephen Colbert invited Henry Cavill to speak about The Witcher, but he went on to talk about Superman. There has been speculation about whether or not Cavill will reprise the role, but he is in limbo as far as anyone is aware. An interesting point made during the discussion was the costume.

If Cavill gets a second chance, he wouldn't be against getting his costume changed. Even though the suit does look great, it isn't the original Superman outfit we're all so familiar with. Who is up for a change?

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Superman Outfit

Right, the old Christopher Reeve Superman costume may be the inspiration for the next version. Even if comics have moved away from the old Red underwear look, it's still a classic.

Cavill briefly entertained the idea of a red thong.

"However, if it were to happen again, I would definitely be open to the idea of adding the trunks in some way, shape, or form."

Would you change Superman's costume if you could? You bet I would. He looks awesome, but he looks so alien.

Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve as Superman
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Credit: Warner Bros.
The two suits

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Superman is from Krypton, but he grew up on earth. He protects the earth because of his love for his people—us humans. To quote Yondu from the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy, "He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy." He may not be human by blood, but he is human by heart.

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