Dark Horse Comics Being Bought Out by Huge Video Game Company

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Embracer Group will buy out Dark Horse Comics, one of the biggest comic book publishers in the US. Embracer Group is a holding company that owns THQ Nordic, Saber Interactive, Deep Silber, Koch Media, and others.

Dark Horse Comics will operate as a separate company, without significant oversight, as most companies owned by Embracer Group do. Yet, Dark Horse's publishing arm, production company, and retail chain will all be part of Embracer Group in 2022.


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Dark Horse Comics

In addition to many other popular video game franchises, the company's portfolio includes Dark Siders, Saint's Row, and Destroy All Humans. It is common for companies to oversee the acquisition of studios, but Embracer Group is known for allowing successful companies to run smoothly.

Additionally, Embracer Group recently announced that they were purchasing Asmodee. The Asmodee company is known for board games such as Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and Star Wars and Marvel licenses.

Destroy all humans cover art.
Credit: THQ Nordic
Destroy All humans

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Together, these studios will have a stronger hold on media due to these purchases. Storylines or assets could be cross-referenced or developed in multiple forms of media.

We may see the Embracer Group take on giants like EA, Warner Bros., and Microsoft.