Keanu Reeves Says Hollywood Refuses To Recast Him in This Movie

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Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly one of the most beloved actors of our time. Furthermore, he's an A-list actor who can bring in tons of money for any studio, so he's a no-brainer. However, he's been trying to get into a movie he's been part of before—but it didn't work out.

In trying to remake Constantine, Keanu Reeves has received so many rejections that he has lost all hope. Hollywood is accused of rebooting, redoing, and rehashing old material, but they refused to be given a chance to redo a loved movie with an even more beloved actor. But why? Probably because it's a smaller-named comic book film.

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Keanu Reeves Constantine

In a movie about heaven, hell, and suicide, Keanu Reeves played exorcist and demonologist John Constantine. It is based on the Hellblazer comics and is pretty intense and worth watching. What could possibly be wrong with that?

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He told Stephen Colbert on the late night show, "I would love to play John Constantine from the Constantine movie… I've tried Stephen…" But it's not looking good.


The film director, Francis Lawrence, has said that the cast wanted to return, but there is almost no chance. To quote his interview with Slashfilm:

"I think we all wanted to do it. It was successful enough. We wanted to make a responsible, more R-rated movie. By responsible, I mean we'd make a movie that wouldn't cost quite as much as the original, which we thought was going to be PG-13. We worked on the sequel for a while. It was tricky to come up with where to take it."

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