DrDisrespect calls out Nickmercs, CourageJD, and other YouTubers over their Call of Duty Warzone thumbnails

The new Call of Duty Warzone map has caused several YouTubers to make as much content over it as they can. YouTubers would typically take advantage of big events to create as much content as possible. The Call of Duty Warzone event is a huge deal, and so no one is bothered by the bombardment of YouTube content.

Any YouTube video will have a typical YouTuber surprise thumbnail. Everyone recognizes it, a YouTuber over-reacting to an image of whatever is happening with big words that grab attention. Due to his most recent tweet, it seems that DrDisrespect is not for this.

As seen above, DrDisrespect took all of the Call of Duty Warzone thumbnails and put them together into a collage of surprised gamers. He did not provide any context or support for his message, but it seems pretty straightforward. The thumbnails are almost comically predictable at this point.

DrDisrespects walks away from an explosion in the middle of a city. He is unimpressed by the situation. A LIVE thumbnail is on the bottom right.
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DrDisrespect's latest Call of Duty Warzone thumbnail

Viewers need only check out the image above to appreciate how different DrDisrepect's thumbnails are. Confident and straight to business, he is excited about the Call of Duty Warzone map but isn’t going over the top. Even though the tweet is unlikely to draw a response, it is funny to know that many streamers are aware the stereotype even exists.

NickMercs is on the collage three times

I think it’s funny to point out that NickMercs made three separate typical YouTube thumbnails. One picture is expected but all these thumbnails make him seem like he’s never played a live event before. That's the tip of the iceberg, here's a shot of his YouTube page which highlights how much he goes overboard with that style of thumbnail.

24 Nickmercs Video thumbnails are lined up in four rows. NickMercs is surprised in all but three of them.
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NickMercs YouTube videos

There is no doubt that Streamers will continue to follow this trend as this aids them in obtaining views until another thumbnail style emerges that attracts more attention.

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