Adin Ross is incredibly upset with Ludwig after the latter calls Adin a 'normie'

Adin Ross felt disrespected because Ludwig said that Corina Kopf brought him fame. Ludwig isn't inaccurate. Adin Ross only started trending and making real numbers when he started having flirtatious dealings with Corinna Kopf. However, this is not to say that it was a nice thing to say or that it was the right decision to shade Adin Ross.

"I think the king of Normie content is Adin Ross, whose stream every time I've tuned in is awkward flirting with a girl that everybody in the chat is spamming L, cringe, or W to. All I know is he kinda blew up cause he kissed Corinna Kopf on the mouth twice, and now he pulls 30K to a 100K viewers."

Obviously, Adin Ross took offense to these comments, and the accusation of being a 'normie.' Calling a person a 'normie' implies that they are unremarkable or bland, which is always an insult. Adin Ross responded by boasting that he could top Ludwig's numbers.

Ludwig responded with confusion since he did not intend to upset Adin Ross at all. Ludwig just finished an incredible subathon which flew his subscriber base to new levels. He is not used to his words being so impactful or taken so seriously.

Ludwig is not wrong about Adin Ross, but that doesn't mean he's completely right.

Adin Ross has a good fan base that makes numbers, but Ludwig is right that Adin Ross only became a big streamer after Corinna Kopf kissed him on a live stream. That doesn't mean anything, however, and it is unnecessary to point out. Ross still had to maintain the numbers, which he has, so it counts as a natural fan base.

Like how Jacksepticeye got a lot of new fans after Pewdiepie shouted Jacksepticeye out, but he worked hard to keep them. Adin Ross is a dedicated streamer just like Ludwig, and this beef only came from a random statement of disrespect. It's probably best if Ludwig apologized or just moved on.

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