Elder Scrolls Online Streamers Receive Letter and Golden Medallions From Bethesda

We've known for a while that Elder Scrolls Online's next expansion is on the way and while its currently unnamed, Bethesda's sent out a new teaser. Specifically, various content creators and streamers received golden medallions and a letter, teasing what's to come.

As spotted by Gamepur, a handful of creators have posted what they've gotten, including streamer Matthew Heafy. On Twitter, Heafy confirmed that he received both the golden medallions and letter, which reads:

Adventurer, we seized this letter and medallion as its courier journeyed through Glenumbra. Investigate this organization, uncover their goals, and report back to me. You can name your price.

- Lady Arabelle Davaux

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Elder Scrolls Online Sends Letter, Golden Medallions To Streamers Ahead Of Next Expansion Release

Additionally, a second part of the letter was addressed to a "Magus," written instead by "Your Lord."


Our knights obtained this medallion during a raid on a secret Mages Guild workshop. Study it. Protect it. Its purpose will play a vital role in the Ascendant Order’s plans. Find the mage who created it and send our knights to secure the master template. Remember, we cannot ascend until we meet our overarching goals. The secret of these medallions is the key to our success and the salvation of Tamriel.

Do not fail me.

Your Lord

This expansion was first teased through a recent trailer, showcasing three ships that potentially represent Elder Scrolls’ three factions. The video description claims it'll provide “never-before-seen world, stories, and cultures." Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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