It's Been 700 Days Since We Last Saw Elden Ring

If you’ve wondered how long it’s been since Bandai Namco and From Software first revealed Elden Ring, it’s 700 days. 700 days since we’ve had even the slightest legitimate hint at what lauded fantasy author George R.R. Martin and the Dark Souls developer have in store for their latest epic.

We’ve had some faked leaks, one possibly real leak, tons of speculation, and that’s about it.

What makes the Elden Ring footage drought so unusual is that, typically, we get at least some kind of update following an early announcement.

There’s no telling what kind of havoc COVID wreaked on From Software’s development structure and planning, but if another Bandai property is any indication, it could mean Elden Ring at E3 is much more likely than we thought.

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It's Been 700 Days Since We Last Saw Elden Ring

The two-year drought was the same situation for Bandai’s Tales of Arise, also revealed during E3 2019.

We recently got an update on that, including a release date, on that one, so there’s hope E3 2021 might finally give us an Elden Ring update, especially since the attendee list includes Bandai.

An Elden Ring release date might not be too much to hope for either.

The latest credible Elden Ring rumor suggests From and Bandai are planning a major Elden Ring reveal this June, and naturally, big reveal + June = E3.

We’re not far out from the first all-digital E3, so we’ll know, and hopefully have an actual Elden Ring trailer, soon enough.

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