Rumours Suggest An Elden Ring Reveal Is Planned This June

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Fans have been waiting some time for further news on Elden Ring. Developed by FromSoftware, fans of their previous works Dark Souls and Bloodborne have been eagerly anticipating any updates from Bandai Namco, which promises a written collaboration with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin.

Following that initial reveal at E3 2019, we've not seen anything substantial. An off-screen recording of gameplay footage made the social media rounds last month and now, another leak seems to have appeared, confirming a reveal trailer is planned for June 14th.

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Rumours Suggest An Elden Ring Reveal Is Planned For June

Spotted by Twitter user Idle Sloth, they've uploaded a suspected teaser trailer frame that hints at a worldwide reveal. It only shows an Xbox logo alongside Bandai Namco, and while Elden Ring's widely assumed to be a multiplatform release, it could appear in a Microsoft presentation.

June 14 is also during the middle of E3 2021, and while Bandai Namco hasn't confirmed their presence, Microsoft is a big headliner for this year's digital event. Naturally, all leaks should be taken with some caution until there's an official confirmation, but we're hopeful E3 finally brings us fresh details.

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