Scalpers Are Selling Elden Ring Closed Network Access Codes

The Elden Ring network test kicks off November 12, and reports of people selling access codes to enter the test are starting to surface, because of course they are.

As reported by IGN, some people who want to get into the limited-time network test for the game are paying hundreds of dollars scalpers just to play an unfinished beta build of the game a few months early.

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Scalpers Are Selling Elden Ring Closed Network Access Codes

Obviously, we don't recommend paying anything for a code that's given out for free at random. Elden Ring releases in February 2022, and it's not that far away.

Bandai also teased us with a reveal of five of Elden Ring's classe:

  • Warrior
  • Enchanted Knight
  • Prophet
  • Champion
  • Bloody Wolf

It is still unclear whether these are the only classes that will be available for the game or there would be other classes that will arrive at the game. Elden Ring will be released next year, February 25, 2022, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms. Make sure to follow us for more guides like this one.

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