Echoes of Mana reroll guide - steps on how to get the best characters

Image of two fighters in Echoes of Mana.

Image of two fighters in Echoes of Mana.

If you've already started playing the new Square Enix mobile RPG but aren't happy with your gacha pulls, then our Echoes of Mana reroll guide will definitely come in handy. We'll explain how you can restart your game from scratch, letting you have another go of the free pulls given to you in the tutorial.

In this Echoes of Mana guide, we'll provide instructions on what you need to do to reroll, so you can get yourself a clean slate in the game. That's on top of a more general look at how to access the game now it's in the very early stages, on top of linking a few online resources to help you keep up with all things Echoes of Mana.

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How do I reroll in Echoes of Mana?

  • Start up Echoes of Mana and clear the tutorial stages, skipping cutscenes via the menu button where possible
  • Perform the free pull and continue the team building tutorial
  • Once you have complete control, claim the log-in bonuses and pre-registration rewards from the mailbox
  • Perform two ten-pull summons in the Rate Up banner
  • Tap the right arrow on the banner page to change to the general banner and use your four-star ticket
  • If you didn't get the characters you were hoping for, use the menu button to return to the title screen
  • Tap the button in the bottom-right corner and select Delete Data to delete your save file
  • Repeat the process until you get the characters you want and play as normal

The Echoes of Mana reroll process is as simple as they come. It doesn't use an infinite summon feature like League of Pantheons did early on, but it doesn't require deleting and redownloading the app or rummaging around in the game files to delete your data.

To reroll in Echoes of Mana, all you need to do is skip through the lengthy tutorial segments, claim the log-in and pre-registration rewards, pull twice in the rate-up banner and once in the regular banner, and then head back to the title screen to delete your data at the push of a button if things didn't go according to plan.

An infographic showing to how to delete an account in Echoes of Mana.
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How do I delete my Echoes of Mana account?

If you're struggling to find the exact button to press to delete your Echoes of Mana save, here's what you need to do.

The game doesn't stash the button away in the main menu or even a sneaky tab in your player profile. Instead, you need to either close and reopen the app to get back to the title screen, or hit the title screen button in the main menu if you're already in the game.

Once you're there, tap the User Support button in the corner. In there, you'll find the Delete Data option. Tap it, confirm your choice, confirm it again, and your data will be wiped in an instant. Progress beyond the title screen again and you'll start a new game with a new profile and, more importantly, fresh free summons.

When should I stop rerolling in Echoes of Mana?

Right now, it's possible to get two full ten-pull summons and a single guarenteed four-star summon in Echoes of Mana right after the tutorial.

For the purpose of a reroll, you want to get a non rate-up four-star unit with your single ticket pull (like Popio), and at least one four-star unit from your two free ten-pull summons - two if you're feeling especially lucky.

The Echoes of Mana reroll process only takes around ten minutes each time. It's ultimately up to how long you want to spend fishing for better units, but at least two four-star echoes should suffice.

Image of two female fighters in Echoes of Mana.
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How do I play Echoes of Mana?

At the time of writing, Echoes of Mana is finally out now. The game released on the App Store and Google Play Store on April 27, 2022. You can download it now, and log into start your adventure.

If Echoes of Mana sounds up your street, simply head to the game's storefront page, either on Apple or Android's marketplaces. Then download it to your mobile device and get in on the action. It's as simple as that.

How do I keep up With Echoes of Mana?

With Echoes of Mana's release finally here, the chances are you'll want to keep on top of all of the game's new development. You can bet that new characters, missions, and events will arrive soon down the line, so check all of these places to keep on top of those exciting updates as they arrive.

First and foremost, the official Echoes of Mana Twitter account is a good place to start. It constantly shares new developments as release draws nearer. As such, don't be surprised if limited-time events, new banners, and even codes are tweeted out down the line.

On top of that, it's worth following the game on Facebook, and keeping close tabs on the official website. While it doesn't seem like there's a Discord server just yet, we'll add a link here if that does eventually emerge. Of course, you can also bookmark this page, because as soon as something big happens in Echoes of Mana, we'll have it covered.

That's it for our Echoes of Mana reroll guide! While you wait for the game to arrive, feel free to redeem some of our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes. They'll give you a boost in the baked gacha phenomenon.

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