Salt and Sacrifice: The Soulslike Platformer Sequel to Salt and Sanctuary

Ska Studios made a name for themselves with Salt and Sanctuary, the 2D soulslike platformer that sold over a million copies worldwide.

Now they are following up the first title with a new title in the series, Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice

The world premiere trailer for Salt and Sacrifice was unveiled during the preshow for 2021's E3 conference.

Taking place in the Alterstone Kingdom, players take control of a criminal turned Marked Inquisitor, hunting Mages and devouring their hearts so they no longer post the Kingdom any threat.

There are eight starting classes: Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, or Sage, and players can choose which one they like, as well as their crime and how their character looks.

With a hand drawn look and brutal difficulty, Salt and Sacrifice looks like it will please long-time fans of the series, and those of soulslike games as well.

With more than 100 monsters to fight, and a multitude of weapons, map areas, and over 20 types of Mages to hunt, there will be hours upon hours of gameplay for players to enjoy.

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Release Date and Price

Salt and Sacrifice screenshot
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Salt and Sacrifice is currently launching in the first quarter of 2022 for the PC and Playstation 5.

It will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese, and will cost $19.99.

The game will feature drop-in drop-out online co-op gameplay, so Marked Inquisitors can work together to take on the terrors of the Alterstone Kingdom.

Those looking to get a taste of what is to come and have not checked out Salt and Sanctuary can do so on the PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch.

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