Mythical Game Tries to Sell Us NFTs with Blankos Block Party

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During their E3 presentation, Mythical Games tried real hard to convince players that spending real money on collectible NFT vinyl figures was the future of gaming.

By working with artists around the world, Blankos Block Party is a sandbox creation game where players can create their own Block Parties and have other players play through them.


It feels very similar to games like Disney Infinity or Fortnite Creative Mode.

The difference here is that every digital vinyl figure players collect is actually theirs via on-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs.

It is a technology that many are still wrapping their head around, but they allow ownership of digital items, providing smart contracts that allow the owner to resell the items as if they were a physical product.

Blankos Block Party

Players can fully enjoy Blankos Block Party without purchasing any of the NFT-based figures, using the default Blankos provided.

Of course, the defaults are rather dull, and nowhere near as cool as ones created by artists and brands such as deadmau5, Burberry, and The Marathon Clothing.


Each figure is limited, with only a limited run available for each one.

When Blankos players purchase one, they get a serial number stating which figure from the limited batch they purchased, all of which is tracked through the blockchain.

Players can then level up and customize their figures through play, changing their rarity and possibly increasing their value to be resold later.

Since players own their figures, they can resell them through the game, or through any third-party means.

Mythical Games actually encourages this, hoping to show the world how cool NFTs and gaming can be together.

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Getting Blankos Block Party

Blankos figures
BLANKOS: Digital vinyl collectables

Blankos Block Party is free to play, easily downloadable from Mythical Games.

Currently, in early access, there are already tons of different Blankos available to purchase, as well and a slew of Block Parties for players to check out.

With awesome-looking figures, an excellent soundtrack, and smooth gameplay, Blankos is sure to captivate their target audience.

Only time will tell if their NFT fusion will actually prove successful.

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