Fantasy SRPG Dark Deity Gets Surprise Launch During E3

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Sword and Axe and Freedom Games had a surprise for viewers of their E3 showcase (June 15, 2021.)

That surprise came in the form of a release announcement for their new SRPG, Dark Deity, now available on Steam.


Dark Deity

Dark Deity screenshot

Dark Deity is a fantasy strategic RPG similar to games like Fire Emblem, Valkyria Chronicles, and Pokémon Conquest.

With more than 50 unlockable classes and thirty voiced characters, Dark Deity is sure to please fans of SRPGs with its back-to-roots style gameplay and incredibly deep mechanics.


That game's pixel art harkens back to the early 2000's, a golden time for SRPGs.

Following a group of military academy recruits, Dark Deity tells a tale of a violated thousand-year-long pact, throwing these young soldiers into a complex war with a rich and compelling storyline and a well fleshed out cast of characters.

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Now Available

Dark Deity gameplay GIF

Dark Deity is available now on Steam for $24.99, with a special edition bundle that comes with the OST and a digital artbook for just $38.97.

The OST and artbook are also available separately for $6.99 each.


There is no word on whether or not Dark Deity will be coming to consoles at this time.

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Sword and Axe

Founded in 2018, Sword and Axe started off as a two-person team committed to putting out a game that they desired to play.


Remaining small, growing to a team of six, they finally have released their first title through Freedom Games, Dark Deity.

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