Experience a Pixel Boss-Rush Soulslike Experience in Eldest Souls

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A brand new trailer for the pixel art boss-rush soulslike game, Eldest Souls dropped during E3 this year showing off the game's brutal combat and fast-paced gameplay.

Featuring nothing but boss battles, Eldest Souls presents players with different challenges with each unique boss they face, making them think fast while acting even faster.

Eldest Souls

The new trailer focuses on the story of Eldest Souls, explaining how the world came to be as it is in the game.


After humanity's revolted against the Old Gods, one of the evilest of the gods unleashed Desolation upon the world.

With a special sword forged from a pure shard of Obsydian, players must breach the citadel that holds the Old Gods and slay them all.

Using a customizable combat system, Eldest Souls players decide how they want their character to develop as they make their way through a world filled with intriguing NPCs, multiple questlines, and insanely difficult bosses.

Combat is fast-paced, and players will die as they try and try again to learn the patterns and weaknesses of every boss.

Only the greatest warriors will survive, and possibly save the world from Desolation.

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Release Date

Eldest Souls releases for the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S on July 29, 2021.


PC users can wishlist the game now on both Steam and GOG.

There is currenlty no listed MSRP for Eldest Souls.

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