Dying Light 2 Lockpicks: How to Use and Upgrade Them

Dying Light 2 Lockpicking activity

Dying Light 2 Lockpicking activity

Dying Light 2 is an action role-playing game from Techland and it's the sequel to 2015's Dying Light. The Harran Virus has decimated the rest of the world and The City is one of the last remaining human settlements. In the game, you play as a Pilgrim called Aiden and you find yourself getting tangled up in the chaos of the settlement.

As you explore the various areas of the map and meet new friends or enemies, you may notice some items are locked away. They can either be locked in large chests or you behind doors. This is where your lockpicking skills will come in handy. You can craft basic lockpicks from 5 pieces of scrap, but that is just the beginning. The more you upgrade these tools, the more useful they will become, and the more items you can find with them.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to use and upgrade lockpicks.

How to Use Lockpicks

Lockpicking is a case of trial and error. To use a lockpick, walk up to a locked chest and interact with it. They're typically in high-tier loot areas or can be found on story missions.

When you interact with the locked chest, a small activity will appear. You'll see the lock and your two lockpicks. Follow the prompted control to turn the top lock to a position and then use the next control to move the bottom lock to try to open the chest. As you turn the bottom lock, you might feel some resistance or hear a buzzing noise. This means that your top lock isn't in the correct position. If you continue to try to open it this way, your lockpick will snap. Adjust the top lock and try again. Eventually, you'll be able to turn the lock smoothly and the chest will open.

How to Upgrade Lockpicks

To upgrade your lockpicks, you need to collect Infected Trophies. These are items that you can loot off of dead infected. The trophy you get will depend on which type of infected you have defeated:

  • Infected Trophy (Uncommon): This can come from Virals, Howlers, and Spitters.
  • Infected Trophy (Rare): This can come from Goons, Bolters, and Banshees.

You can check which trophies you need for your lockpick upgrade by visiting the Craftsmaster. Interact with the Craftmaster and switch to the "upgrades" tab. The lockpicks come under the "Resources" category in your inventory. Scroll down until you come across them. When you do, hover over the lockpick and a small menu should appear. Here, it will tell you what you need for your next upgrade.

If you have the required items, follow the prompted control to upgrade the lockpicks.

Dying Light 2 Craftmaster Shop in PK HQ Ship in Central Loop
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What Do Upgrades Do?

The more that you upgrade your lockpicks, the more durable they will become, and the more useful they can be when you're trying to break into something. However, each upgrade will become more and more expensive. You will need to collect more trophies by defeating harder enemies and you will eventually need to spend some money too.

Once you know how to upgrade lockpicks, you can upgrade them as much or as little as you like. The choice is yours in Dying Light 2. The game has a huge emphasis on player choice but what does that mean? You can learn more about it in our guide that explains choices and consequences in the game. There are a lot of Infected that you'll need to avoid or fight. Learn more about them in our guide that details all of the monsters in the game.

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