Dying Light 2 All GRE Anomaly Locations and How to Beat Them

Dying Light 2 Revenant

The infected are people who have been lost to the Harran Virus in Dying Light 2. They stay in the dark shadows of alleyways and buildings during the day. At night, they come out in force and will kill anyone that crosses their path. All in all, the infected are one of the biggest threats you will face in The City.

There are many different types of infected that you will face as you explore in the game. Some will be slow like Biters and some will be big like Volatiles. As you spend time in each area, you will eventually come across an area known as a GRE Anomaly. It contains a very dangerous type of infected but it also contains high-tier loot. The question is, are you brave enough to fight it?

In this guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about GRE Anomalies. That includes what they are, how to beat them, and what kind of loot you can expect as a reward.

All GRE Anomaly Locations

Here are all of the GRE Anomaly locations across Villedor.

  • Trinity: East of Holy Trinity Metro - GRE Anomaly C-A-05
  • Houndfield: South West of Cherry Windmill - GRE Anomaly C-A-22
  • Quarry End: South of Faction Hub - GRE Anomaly C-A-01
  • Downtown: North East of GRE Vaccine Lab - GRE Anomaly C-A-79
  • The Wharf: West of Peacekeeper HQ - GRE Anomaly C-A-83
  • Saint Paul Island: North East of Chapel of the Resurrection - GRE Anomaly C-A-91
  • Lower Dam Ayre: North West of THV Advanced Care - GRE Anomaly C-A-34
  • Lower Dam Ayre: East of Church of Saint John of God - GRE Anomaly C-A-23
  • Garrison: North West of VNC Tower - GRE Anomaly C-A-78
  • Garrison: East of VNC Tower - GRE Anomaly C-A-55
  • Newfound Lost Lands: South of THV Advanced Care - GRE Anomaly C-A-56
  • Off Map: West of Garrison, South East of Mount Lucid Observatory - GRE Anomaly C-A-67

How to Find GRE Anomalies

You can find GRE Anomalies by exploring The City. If you run through an anomaly area during the day, you will discover it, and the activity will be marked on the map. You can do the same by exploring at night. As the GRE Anomaly activities are night activities, you can choose to engage in it the moment you find it or you can wait for another night.

How to Beat GRE Anomalies

It seems that every GRE Anomaly area has a small ground area that is filled with other infected (usually Virals) and the Revenant. At the start of the fight, try to avoid falling to the ground. If you do, scramble back up to a higher level. The Virals will do anything to protect the Revenant and, thanks to the boost the Revenant gives them, they can easily kill you.

Fortunately, each anomaly area has quite a few structures surrounding it that make parkour easy. Stay up high and look around for projectile weapons you can use. Typically, there will be Spears embedded into dead humans. These humans are easy to spot as they have a glowstick attached to their bodies. Take the spear and aim it at the Revenant. Your first goal should be stopping it. You can deal with the Virals later. Any ranged weapons are very useful in stopping a Revenant. Anything that you can use while keeping a safe distance from the special infected and the Virals will work.

The Revenant absolutely hates fire. If you can find red Gas Canisters in the anomaly area, pick them up. Light the canister and throw it at the Revenant. This will explode and cause major damage to it.

If you cannot find any projectile weapons (which is unlikely) or you run out, use throwing knives to interrupt the Revenant's attacks. If you throw it as the Revenant is preparing to fire its projectile attack, it will stop it. Throwing knives don't cause a lot of damage to this type of infected, but it buys you more time to find a more effective projectile.

Once you have defeated the Revenant, the area will be completed. It doesn't matter if there are infected left in it. Once the Revenant is down, the GRE Anomaly activity will be finished, and you can collect your prize.

What Are GRE Anomalies?

GRE Anomalies are areas in The City where anomalies (Revenants) lurk. Revenants are a type of special infected and they are quite tricky to beat. They have a larger health bar than other infected you can find roaming the streets. Revenants can also restore the health of other infected that are in the area it controls. They can fire projectile attacks at you, hit the ground to launch a wave of chemical attacks, and they will have a group of infected protecting them.

Dying Light 2 GRE Anomaly Marker on the Map at Night
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GRE Anomaly Loot

The loot you get by completing a GRE Anomaly activity makes the battle worthwhile. While you are battling the infected, you may have noticed a large container in the area. This is where the loot is stashed. After you defeat the Revenant, the locked entrance to the container will be open. You can find this on top of the container. Open it and enter the container to collect your loot.

You will usually find high tier loot such as:

  • Inhibitors
  • Immunity Boosters
  • MRE Rations
  • Antique Weapons
  • Antique Clothes
  • Unique Weapons
  • Unique Clothes

Scan the area with your survivor sense to make sure you have taken everything you need. When you climb back out of the container, make sure to loot the Revenant body too. This should contain a valuable Infected Trophy that can be used to upgrade equipment.

GRE Anomalies are just one of the many special activities you can choose to do in Dying Light 2. If you're going to take on some more activities like this one, you should read our weapons guide. In the guide, you'll learn about all of the weapons in the game, where to get them, and how to upgrade them. You might want to consider taking some time to improve your skills too. You can learn all about that in our guide explaining the combat and parkour skill trees.

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