Dying Light 2 Flashlight: Can Enemies See It?

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Dying Light 2 Infected reacting to Aiden's Flashlight

As you progress through the story of Dying Light 2, you will collect more tools that will make exploring The City a bit easier. Some tools include Binoculars, Lockpicks, and a GRE Key that unlocks various things across the map.

One tool that you have from the beginning of the game can be the most useful. This is the Flashlight. In the game, there is a day and night cycle that changes organically as time passes in Villedor. At night, there are little to no lights active when you start the game and this is where the flashlight comes in useful. You can use it to illuminate your way across rooftops to make sure you don't miss a parkour hold or fall off the building.

However, using the flashlight in some circumstances may be risky. We're here to answer an important question, can enemies see your flashlight?

Can Enemies See Your Flashlight?

Yes, enemies can see your flashlight in the game. To find your way around without your flashlight, use your survivor sense. This scans the area for loot and for potential enemies. Enemies will appear in red and stay that way for a short period of time. This will make it easier for you to avoid them and sneak past them.

If you are trying to sneak through infected in a dark area we strongly recommend that you don't turn your flashlight on. This will alert the infected to your presence and things can go from bad to worse. The same rule applies when facing human enemies too, they can see the flashlight. They're slightly harder to sneak past but turning your flashlight off will always make it a bit easier.

Dying Light 2 Dark Street in Old Villedor
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Villedor is a dark and scary city at night.

Is the Flashlight Useful?

The flashlight is useful if you are exploring a place with low lighting and no enemies. It can make it easier to find your way or spot valuable items to collect. Also, it can be useful to scan a room with a flashlight to spot any potential problems. If you want to, you can use the flashlight to start a fight with enemies or distract them from other players if you are in multiplayer mode.

The flashlight is one of the many tools you can use in Dying Light 2. Take a look at our weapons guide to learn more about a special type of flashlight that you will get later on in the game. Improving your parkour and combat skills will help you survive your time in Villedor. You can find out how to improve them in our guide that explains the parkour and combat skill trees.

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