Dying Light 2 AMA Confirms New Infected, Dual-Wield, and More

The Dying Light 2 logo.

The Dying Light 2 logo.

Dying Light 2 developer Techland recently hosted an AMA video session with lead developer Tymon Smektala answering some of the most common questions about Dyling Light 2, including map size and what we can expect from the ravening zombie hordes.

Dying Light 2’s map is more than double the size of the original Dying Light’s maps combined.

Smektala said the total size is approximately seven kilometers, though that’s not taking into account the vertical element, which he said is a significant feature in Dying Light 2’s maps.

The second question asked what the branch zombie was all about.

Smektala couldn’t say much, but that’s because more information about Dying Light 2 infected types is on the way soon.

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Dying Light 2 AMA Confirms New Infected, Dual-Wield, and More

He did mention Dying Light 2’s branch zombie is a special kind that appears based on what decisions you make, so it sounds like choices will have a prominent role in how Dying Light 2 unfolds.

Smektala shed a bit more light on just how much of a role those choices have, saying there are several that affect the ending, many more that influence quests and the world, and then a third level of choices that determines faction alignment.

Dying Light 2 weapons won’t include guns, but it does have a dual-wield system where you craft weapons such as bows or hammers and can equip two at once.

The grappling hook will be in the game, Smektala said, alongside massive jumps, parkour climbing, and other, as-yet unrevealed modes of transportation.

However, there won't be cars, in keeping with the game's already established world and lore.

Check out the full episode below.

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