Dying Light 2

24 Feb 2021

Dyling Light 2 Collector's Edition: Release Date, What's In It, Price And Everything You Need To Know

Has the Collector's Edition of Dying Light 2 leaked?

That's what the latest rumours are saying as a European retailer may have given away what's in it.

But a listing that was uploaded by a retailer in the Czech Republic (image below), we may have seen more than we were supposed to at this stage of the game’s marketing campaign.

So what's the scoop? Here's what we know about the Collector's Edition of Dying Light 2.


Thanks to user modiz on Resetera, Google had cached a Dying Light 2 Collector's Edition for PC!

With this kind of thing being push into the wild, we can't be far off an update soon!

Photo via Resetera

Here's a better look at what you'll get!

Release Date

No visible release date was found - not surprising since the game has no official release date.

But, we're expecting the game to finally launch this year.


The listing says 5,555.00 CZK - which equates to roughly £190.

What's In It?

It supposedly comes with a variety of extras including:

  • Steelbook case
  • Art book
  • UV Flashlight
  • UV Stickers
  • Statue (showing the game’s protagonist leaping off a lamppost in order to smack a zombie in the skull)
  • Secret locations map