Dying Light 2 Demo: Download, Release Date, PS4, Xbox One And PC Gameplay And More

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Dying Light 2 doesn't have a release date yet, despite having been intended as a 2019 and then early 2020 game and we're no closer to an idea of when we may get a demo.

While the developer has shot down talk of the game's alleged development woes, fans will undoubtedly be itching to get their zombie parkour fix.

Here's everything we know about whether we'll get a demo.

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Dying Light 2 Demo Release Date

There is no release date for a demo - if there was one it would likely release in 2020.

As you'd imagine, the game's lack of a firm release date makes it tough to predict if and when we'll get a sneak peek via a demo or beta.

The first game didn't get a demo before launch, but it did get one later on after 'The Following' expansion.

Of course, if you're desperate to play, you can pick up the first game (and the aforementioned expansion) pretty cheaply on all platforms these days.


With the game intending to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC, a download will likely be made available for all three platforms if a demo is available.

The last update regarding Dying Light 2 was at the start of the year, where CEO Pawel Marchewka released a development update stating that they had originally aimed for a Spring 2020 release, but they needed more time to "fulfill our vision".

The radio silence has only been intensified since the global health crisis and they will no doubt be weighing up their options whether to postpone further to launch on the new generation of consoles; meaning we could see a demo go live on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As we approach the Summer of announcements, we'll no doubt get further info on what's to come for this exciting game.


Dying Light 2 Gameplay Demo

If you're looking for gameplay of what a potential demo might look like, you can watch this 4K demo.

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