A Dragon Age TV Show Rumoured To Be In Development At Netflix

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Netflix continues to embed itself within the gaming sphere. The House of M is reported to be working on a realistic Zelda and Splinter Cell series.

And following yesterday's reports of a Pokémon live-action series, the biggest streaming service in the world is looking to adapt another beloved gaming franchise.

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A Dragon Age TV Show Rumoured To Be In Development At Netflix

A "trusted and proven source" at Giant Freaking Robot claims that a television series based on the long-running RPG fable is in development at Netflix.

Even though no further details have been revealed regarding whether it's live-action or animated, the rumour claims that the show has begun active development.

Netflix is no stranger to adapting video games into TV shows. The 1st season of The Witcher was highly successful, causing a surge in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sales, while Season 2 is to release later this year.

Capcom's iconic Resident Evil has and will be adapted into multiple films and TV shows for Netflix, as the animated Infinite Darkness mini-series recently launched on the platform.

The popular streaming service is also set to produce its own games and introduce them as early as next year.