DOTA 2: What Is Hero Chat Wheel?

In DOTA 2, you may have the option to subscribe to DOTA Plus which is the game’s monthly premium subscription service.

Of course, if you would be able to avail it, there will be freebies that you can notch such as shards, relics, terrains, selective matchmaking, statistical analysis, and hero progression where you can improve it to utilize the hero chat wheel feature.

Keep reading to know more about the hero chat wheel feature in DOTA 2.

What Is Hero Chat Wheel In DOTA 2?

The default Chat Wheel in DOTA 2 allows players to send messages to teammates, as well as 87 available phrases which they can use quickly.

But with the Hero Chat Wheel, you may be able to equip hero lines, sound effects, and emoticons which you can gain by leveling up the hero that you want to use. You can unlock new lines at her levels 1, 6, 12, 18, 25, and 30.

And as mentioned above, you can use the hero chat wheel feature in DOTA 2 if you are only subscribed to DOTA plus.

How To Use The Hero Chat Wheel In DOTA 2

You just need to do the same method of using the normal Chat Wheel in DOTA 2.

Hold down the assigned hotkey to your Hero Chat Wheel while moving the mouse cursor on any of the eight directions available.

Once you release the hotkey, the message will be automatically sent to your teammates.

If you wish to change the lines or phrases, choose the Controls tab located at the Options screen. Click Chat to customize those.

DOTA 2 Hero Chat Wheel Lines, Sounds, And Emoticons List

For all the available Hero Chat Wheel lines, sounds, and emoticons in DOTA 2, you may follow the link here.

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