DOTA 2: How To Disable Help From Allies

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DOTA 2 is a game of teamwork and communication. For you to win games especially in the MOBA genre, it must be an overall team effort from start to end.

But there may be times that you want to disable help from allies. Some may use their skills for to their teammates as a way of trolling, causing some discomfort which may even lead to a loss if it would continue. That is why we’re glad to help on how you may disable help from allies in the game.

With that being said, here’s how to disable help from allies in DOTA 2.


How To Disable Help From Allies In DOTA 2

Click the Tab button (by default) or the key you assigned which will eventually show the scoreboard.

Look for the third icon at the bottom part of the window which represents Interactions. Choose the tab called ‘Show Shared Unit Control Options.’

Once you click it, all of your allies will show up with each of them having their ‘Help’ button being marked with a check as default.

Customize it by choosing which teammates you would want to disable help. And you may proceed to play the game without being annoyed by those ‘trolls.’

Now you may know what you should do every game, especially if you are entering in a solo queue where you cannot choose your teammates unless you don’t accept the invite once a match is found.

That’s it! Follow us for more DOTA 2 guides like this one.

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