DOTA 2: What Is Backdoor?

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If you have played MOBA games like DOTA 2, there could be a chance that you already heard the term Backdoor.

Well, you might have heard of it in the actual game, since it pertains to something that can be executed during a match. But in case you still do not have any idea what it means, then we’re glad to help.


Here’s everything you need to know about Backdoor in DOTA 2.

What Is Backdoor In DOTA 2?

Backdoor is a strategy a team can do in DOTA 2.

It is a strategy wherein one or more heroes from the team will attack the enemy team’s buildings or towers without the help of a creep wave – meaning that one hero will tank the damage.


This kind of strategy can be done by teams by surprise, and to somehow establish a misdirection in the map.

Things To Remember About Backdoor In DOTA 2

Despite the strategy’s effectiveness through the years, DOTA 2 has now implemented the Backdoor Protection.

This enables all the buildings in the game (except the Tier 1 towers) to lessen the damage they will take if there are no enemy creeps near them.


This could be harder for heroes to sustain health since they would now need a longer time to destroy an enemy building.

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