DOTA 2: What Is Babysitting?

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Babysitting, in its literal meaning, is taking care of a child while his or her parents are out.

And you may also come across this term sometimes when you play DOTA 2. Its real meaning is close to how it is being used in the game, although it's more about the heroes you use in battles this time around.


But nevertheless, it’s better to know how it works in the game. Keep reading as we dive deeper about babysitting in DOTA 2.

What Is Babysitting In DOTA 2?

Babysitting in DOTA 2 primarily revolves around the Support and Carry of the team.

The term refers to the act done by the Support of the team in which he or she will dedicate and give up all their farm for the Carry to get ahead of everyone else.


Through this, the Carry can get his or her items earlier compared to the other players. Although this may also be the case for the opposing team, so it boils down to who will have a larger farm lead first.

This is somehow close to the funnelling strategy, but the mid-hyper-carry aspect of that strategy is the main difference.

So, if you’re a Support main in DOTA 2, then you may consider babysitting your Carry to have more chances of winning games. But still, it will always depend on your strategy as a team.

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