DOTA 2: What Is Quick Cast?

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In DOTA 2, most of the key actions the players may do during a game has its official terms, as well as unofficial jargons which were made by anyone from the gaming community – a game personnel, player, analyst, or even anyone who is inclined with the game.

This includes the term Quick Cast which you might have heard of in a game. Well, if you know how you may actually execute that in a game then the other players may it be from your team or the opposing side can really look up to you in terms of skills.

But what exactly is Quick Cast in DOTA 2? Keep reading as we dive deeper about this one.


What Is Quick Cast In DOTA 2?

Quick Cast in DOTA 2 is the act of activating a spell or an ability while pointing on a target ally, enemy, or area by just using the cursor.

The skill you want to use will automatically be released to the direction where your cursor is pointing at.

This can really help save time on your side – to execute kills, hunt or escape faster than the usual.

How To Quick Cast In DOTA 2

You just need to open DOTA 2 and look for the settings placed on the upper left part of your home screen.

Select the Hotkeys option and a pop-up menu will appear containing Abilities and Items.


The checkboxes for the Quick Cast option are placed below Abilities and Items. Finish by checking both boxes placed on it.

That’s it! You may now do Quick Cast while in-game in DOTA 2!

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