DOTA 2 Nemestice Event Guide: How To Play, Mechanics, Best Heroes And More

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As promised, Valve has introduced a brand new in-game event in DOTA 2 called Nemestice. Despite being a promised addition, there are quite a few questionable points about Nemestice as well as the new Nemestice Battle Pass.

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Nevertheless, the Nemestice custom game mode is quite fun and despite its similarities with Diretide, brings a fresh approach to DOTA 2. Having said that, the workings and mechanics of the event can be fairly confusing for anyone trying the custom game mode for the first time.

Nemestice Guide

The Nemestice custom game revolves around crashing meteorites and various power-ups received from these meteor shards, also known as Nemestice Embers. However, these Nemestice Embers do not fulfill any objectives directly. Rather, they grant bonus power to the hero who collects these embers.

Considering this factor, players should be wary of the real objective in this custom game mode. There is a total of four towers present on the Nemestice game mode's map. Having said that, whichever team destroys all the four towers first will be handed the victory, as well as a certain amount of Battle Points.


These Battle Points are extremely important for unlocking further tiers and rewards from the Nemestice Battle Pass. Additionally, players can also earn extra Battle Points by completing the set of weekly Nemestice quests available in the Battle Pass.

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Mechanics of the Nemestice game mode

The Nemestice game mode features a bunch of new mechanics that are entirely different from the traditional mechanics of a MOBA. Having said that, here are some of the most important mechanics that players need to remember when playing the Nemestice custom game mode,

  • Despite Nemestice Embers not fulfilling any objectives, these shards are extremely strong due to the massive power-up it grants to players collecting the same.
  • Nemestice Embers spawn once every three minutes, starting from the 1:30 minute mark of the game.
  • The matches are extremely fast-paced as creeps grant more XP and Gold than in regular DOTA 2 matches.
  • Players should also focus on utilizing the 1,000 starting gold instead of the traditional 600 to gain a starting item boost from the get-go.
  • Couriers travel extremely fast, allowing players to collect their items almost instantly
  • Destroying each tower grants the opponent creeps a massive boost.

Tower and Creep mechanics

There is a total of eight towers in a custom Nemestice game, four for each team. The demolition of each tower grants the opponent team's creeps a notable boost. To simplify, the creeps on the team that has three towers remaining are stronger than the creeps on the team with four towers standing.

According to the official release from Valve,

"Each time a tower is destroyed, power disperses to its allied towers, making them stronger - as well as drawing the attention and assistance of Nemestive-crazed creeps. Destroy all enemy towers to claim the area and win."

Having said that, players should note that taking down the remaining towers becomes a lot more difficult every time you destroy one of the enemy's towers. Additionally, bonus creeps such as Kobold, Hill Trolls, and even Hellbears start spawning after specific tower demolitions.

How to play the Nemestice game mode

Queueing into a lobby for the custom Nemestice game mode is a fairly simple task. Players can follow a series of simple steps to do this. These steps include:

  • Launch the DOTA 2 game client
  • Click the "Play DOTA" button at the bottom left of the home screen
  • Select the "Nemestice" option from the list of available game modes
  • Finally, click on the "Find Match" button

After a short duration of matchmaking, the player will be able to join a lobby for the custom Nemestice game mode in DOTA 2.

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Best Heroes for Nemestice

Owing to the untraditional mechanics and workings of the Nemestice game mode, many DOTA 2 heroes and items find themselves rather useless in this custom mode. With that in mind, there are a few specific heroes that are exceptionally strong in this game mode.

These heroes include:

  • Undying - Undying's Tombstone and Decay are exceptionally strong in this fast-paced game mode which features a comparatively smaller map. However, the hero can be outscaled by enemy heroes in the late game due to the increased gold earned passively.
  • Nature's Prophet - Given that there are four towers on the map, Nature's Prophet's global presence, as well as split-push capabilities, allow it to become one of the most fearsome heroes in this mode.
  • Shadow Shaman - Shadow Shaman's Mass Sepernt Wards is an exceptionally strong ability when it comes to sieging towers in DOTA 2. Shaman's additional disabling abilities make him extremely efficient in the Nemestice custom game mode.
  • Templar Assassin - One of the best tower shoving heroes in the game, Templar Assassin is extremely effective in this custom game mode due to the physical damage that she is capable of dealing. Additionally, her Psi Blade ability allows her to deal pure damage to her enemies.
  • Storm Spirit - Storm Spirit's Ball Lightning and Static Remnant abilities allow the hero to travel across the map at extreme speed while also dealing enormous bursts of damage to the enemy. This makes Storm Spirit an exceptionally strong hero in the Nemestice custom game mode to earn huge amounts of Battle Points for the Nemestice Battle Pass.

Considering all the factors of the Nemistice game mode, these are the heroes that players should either draft or ban in this custom game mode.

Additionally, there are a few tips that players should keep in mind to further enhance their experience in Nemestice. These tips include:

  • Vision is an extremely important factor due to the irregular build of the map
  • Nemestice Embers are extremely important resources despite not being an active objective in the game mode
  • The synergy between ally heroes is an important factor during the fast-paced and sudden team fights that take place in this game mode.
  • Investing in items is a better choice than investing in health regeneration owing to the fast-paced nature of the Nemestice game mode.

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