DOTA 2 Nemestice Battle Pass: Release Date, Price, Trailer, And More!

The DOTA 2 Battle Pass has now been unveiled by Valve to be the Nemestice event which they revealed in their statement regarding the state of The International 10 (TI10) a few days ago.

DOTA 2 Nemestice Battle Pass Release Date

Starting today, players all around the world may avail the DOTA 2 Nemestice battle pass along with the beginning of TI10 qualifiers for Eastern Europe and South America. If not used, it will expire by January 1, 2022. You may begin to purchase it as soon as possible if you want to notch some exclusive game content from Valve.

DOTA 2 Nemestice Battle Pass Price

You can purchase the Nemestice battle pass three ways. And these are:

  • Level 1 Bundle - $7.49 (£5.36)
  • Level 50 Bundle - $26.99 (£19.33)
  • Level 100 Bundle - $41.99 (£30.07)

DOTA 2 Nemestice Battle Pass Lore

As per the battle pass’ official website, the Nemestice’s official lore says:

“In the wake of the Mad Moon's destruction, willful fragments of Radiant Ore and Direstone crashed upon our world. But a third type of stone—Nemestice, warped remnants of the shattered moon still unswayed by either petulant Ancient and bursting with Zet's sacrificed power—was left drifting behind. Aeons later, Nemestice at last makes landfall to disrupt their battle, and to those who would hold power over both Ancients, there is no greater prize.”

DOTA 2 Nemestice Event Game

This year’s battle pass will include the Nemestice Event Game which everyone can try on and do according to Valve. Also, the official website reads:

“Arc Warden's compass has revealed a path to the prophesied impact site of a rare Nemestice Storm. Harvest smoldering fragments from the crashing meteorites to seize a power that rivals both Radiant and Dire. Destroy all of your enemy's towers to claim the crash zone for your own and win the game.”

Here is a quick rundown of what you could expect in the different Nemestice event games as per the official website:

  • Gather Meteorite Fragments - Every three minutes, the Nemestice Storm will cause a giant meteorite strike in the centre of the map. Channel meteorites to collect Nemestice Embers. Try to dodge any falling meteorites before they hit you.
  • Power From The Storm - Nemestice Embers grant Embercharge, boosting your attack damage, spell amplification, and movement speed. Gain enough Embercharge and you'll even shock nearby opponents.
  • Nemestice Towers and Creeps - Each time a tower is destroyed, power disperses to its allied towers, making them stronger—as well as drawing the attention and assistance of Nemestice-crazed creeps. Destroy all enemy towers to claim the area and win.

Additionally, the battle pass will also include new weekly quests, assistant features, and rewards which you can nab as you progress in the game by playing and grinding matches.

Also, the long-rumored Arcana Bundle for Spectre will now arrive in the game thanks to the Nemestice battle pass which will introduce a lot of new game content in the game. You may head to the official DOTA 2 Nemestice website to find out more.

DOTA 2 Nemestice Battle Pass Trailer

Check out the 2021 DOTA 2 Nemestice Battle Pass trailer below:

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