DOTA 2: How To Queue Multiple Items

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Buying items is very essential in most MOBA games. Not just it boosts the heroes players use in the game, but it can really turn around the result of a match by bringing the full potential of the heroes’ skills and antics.

With that, DOTA 2 players may opt to queue multiple items for the purpose of having a quick buy setup wherein they can save time to think of strategies for how to beat the opponent while their itemization is becoming efficient.


And we’re glad to help with how you may do so. Here’s how to queue multiple items in DOTA 2.

How To Queue Multiple Items In DOTA 2

You need to reset first the queue by pressing Shift while clicking the item that you wish to buy. By doing so, it will clear the queue, as well as assigning that item as the only one included in your quick buy list.

Now for the items that you want to also include, hold Ctrl and Shift while also clicking on each one of those items to add them to your queue.


Just take note that your queue may be bugged once you disassemble an item. So, it’s better to think twice, or even thrice before you decide on something like this one.

Doing the steps above will let you add the items that you want to use during a match. Make sure to follow those to take advantage of the quick buy option instilled in DOTA 2.

And that’s it! You are now ready to go for battle while knowing how to queue multiple items in DOTA 2.

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