DOTA 2: How To Enable Console

There are different commands in DOTA 2 which you can opt to use for various reasons and purposes inside the game.

And you may not be able to use any of those if you are still not enabling the console. Yes, this is the thing that you need to activate first before you can indulge in these DOTA 2 commands.

But how exactly can you do it in the game? Keep reading as we dive deeper into this one.

How To Enable Console In DOTA 2

Launch first the Steam client for you to enable console in DOTA 2.

Once done, head to the Library tab and look for DOTA 2. Right-click on it once you have found it.

Then choose Properties and once the different options would pop up, select the General tab.

Click the Set Launch Options and follow-through by entering -console in the text field that will appear shortly.

Proceed by launching DOTA 2 afterwards. Run the game, and press the console key which is set to \ by default.

DOTA 2 Console Commands

You may visit this page to know more of the available DOTA 2 commands you can use whenever you want in the game.

Well, it will still depend on the situation on how you can use those though. But still, you are now allowed to enter commands in DOTA 2. Enjoy!

That’s it! Follow us for more DOTA 2 guides like this one.

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