DOTA 2: How To Increase FPS

DOTA 2 players could also rely on their game’s FPS or framerate per second performance to show their skill and utmost potential while in-game.

Well, DOTA 2 may actually run on almost all modern-day PCs and laptops nowadays. But still, increasing your game’s FPS performance could still be viable since it is a game that shows various visuals and graphics all over the screen.

Keep reading to know more about how to increase the FPS in DOTA 2.

How To Increase FPS In DOTA 2

You can increase the game’s FPS by going to the In-game Settings.

Then proceed by turning off these settings:

  • Use my monitor’s current resolution
  • Use basic settings
  • VSync
  • Shadow Quality

On the other hand, you may turn on these settings to have a better FPS performance:

  1. Use advanced settings
  2. Computer Shaders

Also, set these settings according to the indicated category given:

  • Aspect Ratio – native
  • Size – native
  • Display Mode – full screen
  • Rendering API – DX11
  • Text Quality – high
  • Effects Quality – low
  • Game Screen Render Quality – 100%
  • Maximum frames per second allowed – monitor refresh rate

The settings mentioned are just the recommended ones. It will still depend on your preference if you want to adjust those.

That’s it! Follow us for more DOTA 2 guides like this one.

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