Doom Eternal: All Confirmed Guns And Weapons

DOOM Eternal will arrive in March 2020 and with it will coming so many new and exciting weapons as well as old and iconic ones.

So what guns and weapons can we expect to see in DOOM Eternal?

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All Confirmed Guns And Weapons

Here are all of the confirmed guns and weapons in DOOM Eternal:

  • Ballista
  • BFG 9000
  • Chaingun
  • Chainsaw
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Doomblade
  • Equipment Launcher
  • Heavy Cannon
  • Meat Hook
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Super Shotgun
  • The Crucible
  • Unmaker

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This is a new weapon to the series, which fires a single straight shot (similar to the gauss cannon).

The first mode, Arbalest, can be charged to fire a shot that sticks to its target before detonating.

The second mode 'Destroyer Blade' can be charged and unleash a wave of Hell energy that cuts through demons.

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BFG 9000

This returning classic is a large, solid metal gun that fire large balls of green plasma.

It is one of the most powerful weapons within the game.

doom eternal bfg 9000
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Another DOOM classic with a big improvement as it no longer requires a spinup time to fire at maximum speed.

Its mobile turret mod also returns to the fray with four sets of barrels and a gun shield mod that blocks projectiles.

doom eternal chaingun
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Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun has similar modifications to the 2016 version but launches up to three timed sticky grenades (Five Spot enables up to five).

The second mod turns the shotgun into a full-auto Gatling shotgun.

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This unique weapon is integrated into the Doom Slayer's suit (on the left wrist).

The blade can cut through demons with ease.

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Equipment Launcher

Another nifty invention in the Doom Slayer's suit, it has the ability to shoot several different things including Flame Belch, Frag Grenade and an Ice Bomb.

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Heavy Cannon

The Heavy Cannon is a new weapon arriving in DOOM Eternal, as it functions similarly to a heavy assault rifle from the 2016 DOOM.

It has the same scope, but a semi-auto mode that takes 4 bullets.

The weapon will come with a precision Bolt modification and Micro Missiles.

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Meat Hook

The Meat Hook will come as part of the new Super Shotgun, attaching to enemies.

This functions as a grappling hook, allowing the Doom Slayer to grapple onto enemies and drag himself towards them for a devastating close-range blast.

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Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle will return and has gotten a facelift!

It also comes with new mods such as a microwave beam that locks onto enemies and damages them until they violently explode.

The second mod is similar to the Heat Blast mod from Doom 2016, but the power level system is depicted by bars around the reticle.

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Rocket Launcher

Another weapon that has received a redesign, it features a remote-detonation mod and lock-on burst with different functionality in terms of upgrades and mastery compared to the 2016 game.

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Super Shotgun

The Super Shotgun will return, but will feature a Meat Hook!

This functions as a grappling hook, allowing the Doom Slayer to grapple onto enemies and drag himself towards them for a devastating close-range blast.

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The Crucible

This demonic artefact first appeared in DOOM 2016, but in DOOM Eternal features as the Doom Slayer's sword.

The Crucible is a large dagger-like sword with a handle that looks like a skull and lower part modelled after Mancubus eye. It has the ability to absorb huge amounts of demonic energy.

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Also known as the laser, is a weapon that was originally meant to appear in Doom but was later added in Doom 64.

the Unmaker was intended to be a "demon-tech weapon that hurts pure demons a lot, demon-humans very little, tech demons some.

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