Digimon Survive Pre-Order Options - Special Editions and Pre-Download Time

At long last - this July will finally see the release of Digimon Survive. After more than a few delays over the years, Digimon Survive pre-order options are slowly appearing, and we expect bigger and better ones closer to the time. This page will be kept updated with any new listings we see, with the aim being to feature the best Digimon Survive pre-order deals we can track down.

The chronically delayed Digimon Survive has been given a release date of July 29 in the West and July 28 in Japan - which comes as a huge surprise given the long history of far from simultaneous worldwide releases for Digimon games. The strategy RPG features all of our favourite Digimon, giving you yet another opportunity to build your team of digital monsters to slam against others.

There isn’t too long to go, but while we eagerly await the arrival of Digimon Survive, we suggest checking out our Pokémon Legends: Arceus walkthrough and digging into its recent Daybreak update if you're a fan of the franchise's closest competitor.

Where to Pre-Order Digimon Survive

UK Digimon Survive Pre-Orders

So far, Digimon Survive pre-orders are a little thin in the UK, with Base having some consoles, and only one listing on Amazon for the PlayStation 4 version.

US and Canada Digimon Survive Pre-Orders



When Will Digimon Survive Console Pre-Orders Go Live?

Right now, Digimon Survive pre-order options are lacking. Not only because of an apparent lack of stock if Amazon is to be believed, but because digital console pre-orders aren't up yet either. We'll let you know when they go live.

Special Editions Of Digimon Survive

As of yet, there are no special editions of Digimon Survive. There are also no pre-order bonuses outside of Japan - those who pre-order the game in Japan get a Guilmon as a free gift, but this hasn’t extended anywhere else just yet.

We can't imagine a long-delayed game releasing without a Digimon Survive special edition set of some sort, so if that's what you're looking for, maybe hold off on pre-ordering until the news breaks.

We're still a few months out from the Digimon Survive release date. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the latest Digimon Survive teaser trailer and all the information it revealed back in March.

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