Diablo Immortal Release Date COUNTDOWN: Time, Pre-load, and File Size

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June 1, 2022: Diablo Immortal is being pushed out across iOS and Android right now, with some even getting early access. There's even a Battle.net queue to prove it.

Announced over four years ago in a disastrously decided upon fashion at Blizzcon, a Diablo Immortal release date has finally been revealed. The street date announcement came almost as suddenly as the game itself, but with a surprise packed in there for non-mobile players as well, Blizzard's mobile gaming gamble could have a massive payoff.

Now set to launch on both mobile and PC (with WASD and controller support for the first time ever), the Diablo Immortal release date countdown below serves as an easy way to see exactly when the game will finally drop.

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Diablo Immortal Release Time Countdown

Diablo Immortal Release Day

Update: As mentioned above, the mobile pre-load appears to be giving some players early access to the game in a staggered rollout not unlike other mobile titles. Blizzard has even confirmed this to be the case. PC still won't launch until the date and time above, but mobile players may be able to sneak in early.

The official release date for Diablo Immortal is June 2, 2022. In a sudden twist, the title will release on both mobile (iOS and Android) and PC simultaneously - though the surprise PC release will be considered an open beta for a time.

It will retain full crossplay and cross-save features with the mobile version at this time, however, and any Diablo Immortal progress made on the PC will, thus, not be wiped once it moves out of this ceremonial open beta state.

The game will be available on PC and Mobile. It will release on iOS and Android first before coming to PC. However, players will be able to sign up to an open beta for PC if they are interested. Players are advised to pre-register on iOS and Android so they can get access to the game as soon as it comes out.

The timer above relates to everywhere but the Asia Pacific regions listed below, where the release date is June 22 instead.

Diablo Immortal Server Regions

Though we don't have a complete list of Diablo Immortal server regions just yet, the recent roadmap has at least confirmed that the following regions will have "dedicated game servers" to reduce ping and improve general connectivity:

  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Macao
  • Malaysia
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand

Vietnam is also part of the list, but only for the PC open beta. There's no word on when the country will get the mobile version, but it's not launching there alongside the others.

The Diablo Immortal release date illustrated by powerful in-game characters.
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Diablo Immortal Pre-Load Dates and Sizes

  • PC: 26.8 GB
  • Mobile: TBC

If you're planning on rushing through the game with the PC open beta client, you can actually pre-load this right now through the Blizzard launcher. On mobile, however, pre-load will begin sometime on June 1 via a staggered release that may or may not reach your device in time for launch.

If you do get the notification to download Diablo Immortal to your device on June 1, be aware that it won't be playable until the proper release date and time. Most mobile games follow this release pattern. It's pre-load for the most part, but notifications will still suggest the game is "available" when, in fact, it's just available to download: not play.

How Do I Pre-Register for Diablo Immortal?

You can get your Diablo Immortal pre-registration in by just hitting up your preferred app store. For iOS, search for the game in the App Store; and for Android, it should show up on the Google Play app store with no problem. Sign up there to have the game auto-download when it's available. And if you're not by your phone (somehow) you can slide your preferred email address into the Diablo Immortal website to the same effect. Signing up through the website will get you into the Diablo Immortal PC open beta as well.

If you can’t get enough of Diablo, and you’re desperately waiting for Diablo 4, check out our Diablo 4 leaks guide for more on the game this one is almost certainly a stop-gap. Lore-wise, Diablo Immortal sits between the second and third game, but we all know it's coming out to give Blizzard more time to polish up the main-series entry.

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