Diablo Immortal Livestream COUNTDOWN - VOD Replay and Reveals

Announced out of the blue on the last full weekend of April, a Diablo Immortal livestream was set to reveal the game's release date in the early US hours of April 25 - and it did, alongside some other crucial bits of information that could make Diablo Immortal the main Diablo game for years to come. has been a game that fans have been waiting for for a long, long time.

Before the stream, we had a handy countdown below showing you exactly when the stream was set to go live. Not that it's come and gone, we've quickly surmised the details below and stuffed the VOD in there for some additional in-game footage.

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When Is The Diablo Immortal Livestream?

The Diablo Immortal livestream happened on April 25, 2022 at 7:30am ET/12:30pm GMT. You can watch the Diablo Immortal livestream VOD below to catch up on details like in-game footage of the newly-announced PC version.

What Was Covered In The Diablo Immortal Livestream?

Though the Diablo Immortal livestream broadcast lasted only around 15 minutes, it covered everything from platforms and release dates, to crossplay, cross-save, and supported controls and countries as well.

The Diablo Immortal release date (now set for June 2, 2022) was expected to be the main topic of the livestream, but it actually covered a second major topic as well - the reveal of the Diablo Immortal PC port.

Set to release in an open beta state the same day as the full iOS and Android release, Diablo Immortal on PC features crossplay and cross-save with the mobile version, even converting its joystick controls to WASD keyboard support for the first time, and bringing controller support to a PC Diablo title for the first time as well.

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