Diablo Immortal no sound bug - how to fix

Image of a gothic lodge in Diablo Immortal.

The long-awaited mobile game Diablo Immortal is finally out now, but some players are already encountering issues. One such example is the Diablo Immortal no sound bug, preventing players from hearing the game. If you've encountered this issue, then we're here to help fix it.

In this Diablo Immortal guide, we'll run through exactly how you fix the no sound bug. It sometimes happens after you've successfully loaded the game, only for the audio to then cut out on subsequent play sessions. That's no good to anyone, so we've got some tips to try and help you solve it.

How do I fix the Diablo Immortal no sound bug?

If you've loaded up Diablo Immortal but are finding that there's no sound, make sure you've downloaded all of the available resources. The base download is sizeable, but on top of that, there's an additional 700MB install once you load into the game.

Within that additional install are extra game files, including a lot of the audio files needed to fully enjoy Diablo Immortal. When you play the game for the first time, you're encouraged to start the installation. Make sure to do so, and then when it's finished, the sound should work properly.

Failing that, the chances are the no sound bug comes from your own device settings. On iOS devices especially, sometimes audio playing in the background of apps like Spotify can overrule in-app sound. Double-check that you don't have Spotify or other music apps running, and consider closing all other apps in multitasking to ensure things run smoother.

Has Blizzard released a fix?

Unfortunately, Blizzard has yet to provide a specific fix for the bug. If you've tried the previous two methods but still can't hear anything in Diablo Immortal, it's likely a problem on their side. Hold out for a hotfix soon to iron out these small bugs that have appeared in the days since launch.

Some users in the Blizzard forums are also recommending using headphones, which can temporarily fix the problem while your device's speakers aren't working with the game.

That's it for our look at how to fix the Diablo Immortal no sound bug. Until Blizzard releases a dedicated patch for it, it'll be a case of tweaking your game and checking device settings to try and make it work yourself. Once you do manage to get it solved, why not use our Crusader build to deck out one of the game's best fighters?

Elsewhere, check out all the Diablo Immortal controller support details to see whether your peripheral is compatible. We've also got a handy Barbarian build, on top of a look into the game's crossplay system.

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