Diablo 3 - Puzzle Ring Farming and How To Use

Diablo 3 Puzzle Ring Farming

Diablo 3 Puzzle Ring Farming

Diablo 3 narrates the story of the Nephalem, a warrior on a never-ending fight against the forces of the Burning Hell. This game presents you with the challenge of defeating demonic hordes across many places, and to be able to succeed on that you will need to keep our equipment updated, whether is our armor or our weapons. One of the most unique equipment items is the legendary Puzzle Ring, and today we will tell you everything you need to know.

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What Is The Puzzle Ring in Diablo 3?

Puzzle Ring is a legendary ring in Diablo III that can drop only after reaching level 29. Wearing this ring will prevent you from getting common crafting items, and you can transmute one in Kanai's Cube to open a one-time portal to The Vault. Keep in mind that using a Puzzle Ring of any level will open a portal, but higher-level ones will reward you with better loot at the end, regardless of your character's level.

After Patch 2.6.5, using an Ancient or Primal Ring will increase the difficulty of The Vault, replacing the Vault Sentries with Treasure Goblins, and yielding bigger rewards.

Puzzle Ring

Legendary Ring

Summon a Treasure Goblin who picks up normal-quality items for you. After picking up 12–16 items, he drops a rare item with a chance for a legendary.

  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +85–108 Dexterity
  • +85–108 Strength
  • +85–108 Intelligence
  • +13–14% Extra Gold from Monsters
  • Attack Speed Increased by 3.0%-4.0%
  • +2 Random Magic Properties

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How to Farm The Puzzle Ring in Diablo 3?

Since Puzzle Ring doesn't have a specific farming method, your best bet is to play on Adventure Mode and do Greater Nephalem Rifts, to maximize your chances of obtaining one. Playing with more people is advised to cut times of farming as you cruise through Adventure mode.

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